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Photographer Spotlight:: C. Lynne Productions

I absolutely love what I do, and feel so blessed to be able to do what I love!  I also love it when I get the chance to meet and work with others who love the same thing. As I posted in my last blog, Sunday I had the opportunity to do an engagement session for Cassie and Adam of C. Lynne Productions.  Today, I'd like to introduce them to you... 
How long have you been photographing weddings?   
I've been taking pictures for many years.  Even back throughout highschool I was into taking pictures- I was the one who always bought my friends picture frames for any gift, and always, and I mean ALWAYS, had a camera in my purse.  It was always a dream of mine to get to take pictures for a living, and in college I really got into the art of shooting weddings.  It is such an honor to have a couple trust you with capturing their wedding- to be that person who provides you with those tangible memories that will be cherished for a lifetime, that’s something that I never get over.        

What first got you interested in shooting weddings? 
I love weddings.  I mean, I was the typical girl who grew up planning my dream fairy-tale wedding and to combine that love with my love for photography was truly my dream job.  Every single wedding if different, and that is what I love about photographing them.  While they all have their similarities, each and every one is unique and the interaction that I am able to have with my couples is something that really drew me to weddings.  They trust you on their day and are allowing you to witness those truly special moments of the day, the fact that I get to use my passion to create their lasting memories- that’s what drew me to the job.    

What do you enjoy most about photographing weddings?  What is your favorite part of the day? 
Aside from the general hustle and bustle of the wedding day that, although stressful, is fun for me, my absolute favorite part of every single wedding happens the second that the bride starts walking down the aisle.  It is at that point that I am at the front of the church or location and I’m not looking at the bride, but instead for just a few seconds, I have my camera focused on the groom’s face.  It’s that instant that he sees his bride for the first time, that look on his face that is a mixture between wonder, awe, love and a little bit of nerves and fear- that is my absolute favorite part of the wedding day.   

What type of clients do you find yourself most working with? 
My couples tend to be those who want something different.  Almost every couple I have worked with has had some sort of element to their day that will set it apart from every other wedding.  Whether it be a pair of bright green shoes under their dress, or a cleverly devised theme for the reception, there is something that makes them stand out.  They want to make the wedding their own, and they want their photography to be their own as well- they tend to like the modern and artsy instead of the traditional.   

What current trend in wedding photography do you most like personally?
Angles and textures.  I’m a huge fan of editing and really making my photography into pieces of art.  I love the untraditional angles and views and the editing textures that are so big right now.  I also love all of the vintage styles that are big right now- that is my favorite style to edit!  It just makes all of the features softer and gives everything a more romantic feel.   

Are there any particular suggestions you give your clients when you meet with them in regards to planning for their day? 
Relax.  I know that every vendor probably gives this same advice, but as the day gets closer I really try and stress the importance of relaxing on your wedding day!  It goes by so fast, and if you are worried about those little tiny details you are going to blink and everything else will be over.  I tell them to relax and let everyone else worry about the little things on the wedding.  I tell them that it doesn’t matter how hard you try, but you WILL be late on the wedding, and that that is ok, and to allow time for things to not go as planned.  Weddings are chaotic, and that’s ok!  At the end of the day, the important thing is that you are married and surrounded by the people who care about you.   
Are there any other fun facts that you want my readers to know about you? Let’s see...well, I’m a bit of a goof.  I don’t much care what it takes to get a particular shot- if that involves me laying on the floor at the reception or coaxing the bridal party to climb over rocks, chances are I’ll do it.  Pictures are important to me, pretty much the most important thing to me in regards to my own life since those are the one things that cannot be recreated or replaced and I take them seriously.  I like to have fun, make jokes, and be a bit sarcastic.  When we are doing a shoot, I try to get you to laugh.  I look at things through a bit of a creative eye and if a shoot or a wedding is going well, I guarantee that I’m not watching the time.  I could shoot forever- I love taking the time to find great poses and new angles.  I learn something at every single wedding, and regardless of how many times I have met you or interacted you- chances are I will probably tear up during the vows at your ceremony.  Like I said, I love weddings.  I’m blessed to have a job I enjoy and one that makes people happy- it’s the ultimate dream!
Adam and Cassie, it was such an honor, and a pleasure to meet and work with you both!  Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity, and for trusting me with your images.  I truly hope our friendship will grow, and that we will have many opportunities to work together in the future!
For more information about Cassie and Adam, and their work, visit their site at:


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