Sunday, June 26, 2011

Salute to Barry and Jessica

I suppose you could say that I have my Mother to thank for our friendship.

I was in the 4th grade when Jessica and her family moved to my hometown, and ended up in my church one Sunday night. My sister and I always had slumber parties at our house... especially for our birthdays.  We were in the middle of planning one of those slumber parties, when my Mom said to me
"Why don't you invite the new girl to your party?"

I'm sure at the mature age of 9, I responded with something like,
"Uh, really?  That's kinda weird... I don't even know her"
But my Mother, in all of her wisdom, insisted.
And from there came a friendship that sculpted and shaped my childhood.

Jessica and I were the best of friends, and the worst of friends.  We hung out all the time... laughed at anything and everything.... and fought with each other at the drop of a hat.  We creatively named our fights, World Wars.
I think by the time we graduated high school, we had gone through 20 something World Wars.

Yes, our friendship was epic.

It's been years since we've hung out together.  Time and distance will do that to a friendship, but we've never lost touch... Especially thanks to the wonderful world of facebook.
Last weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Jess and her family back in our hometown....

Where it all began.

Her husband, Barry, serves in the National Guard, and will be deployed soon.
It was an honor to photograph a solider and his family, and my friend.

Thank you for the good times... the laughs... the memories.  I love you, my friend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wedding of Renae and Drew

I couldn't have asked for a better day!  The air was light and breezy, the sun was shinning, and the bride was simply gorgeous!

I've been waiting for this day ever since I met Renae and her Mom at a bridal show in November of 2009.  It seems like forever ago, and yet it was here before we knew it.  I knew when I did Renae and Drew's engagement session last August, that their wedding was going to be amazing.  This was confirmed when I walked with the couple outside for some photos.  I overheard drew say to Renae as he held her hand, and looked into her eyes

"This is the best part"

And that's how you know...  Beyond the dress... the decorations... the guest-list... the reception hall... the cake... This one day boils down to one thing.

A boy and a girl who fell in love.

Renae is one lucky girl!

First Look.  Love.

Renae, you are STUNNING!

Um....  HOT!  I love this!

Renae and Drew... Thank you for trusting me with your day, and with your memories.  What an honor!  I loved every minute of it!!!

Be sure to CLICK HERE for the slideshow of the wedding day!

Wedding of Danielle and Beau

I've known Danielle for as long as I can remember.  Many of my childhood memories are of her and her sister and brother.

For years we were all inseparable.... we were best friends...  we are cousins... we're family.

Time and distance have kept us all a part over the years, but that can never break the bond of family.  I was beyond thrilled when Danielle contacted me, and told me she wanted nobody else but me to photograph her wedding day.

Danielle had found the one... her soulmate... the one who could complete her.  Beau had came into her life, changed her... healed her... loved her.  And now, she wanted nothing more than to spend every day... the rest of her days... with him.

What an honor it was to document the start of that!

Dress = Pure Gorgeousness!

Simply put, my cousin is the definition of elegance.  She definitely took all the best family genes  :)

First look.... I love these moments!
A mother and her son.

This is love.
The first dance of the rest of their lives....

What a handsome little stud!

Danielle and Beau, I can't express enough how deeply honored and lucky I am to have witnessed and photographed this moment in your lives!  I pray God's very best for you!

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