Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kayleigh + Rob :: Manhattan Wedding

When I arrived at Kayleigh's house last Saturday to begin taking pictures, Kayleigh told me, "Christina, just tell me what to do, and I'll do it."  My response to her was, "The only thing you are required to do today, is to feel absolutely gorgeous, and to be madly in love with Rob."  And so the day began.

The house was a flurry of bridesmaids.  Music, playing in the background from an ipod playlist, accompanied the process. Hairspray threatened my ability to breathe.  And Kayleigh... Kayleigh was calm... at least she appeared to be, and even though dressed in a button up shirt and jeans... she was already gorgeous.  This day had finally arrived!

Every bride and groom I work with has their own unique qualities, their own stories and personalities that make each wedding I shoot special.  I had been looking forward to this wedding since I met Kayleigh and Rob last winter.  It was confirmed this day was going to be special, the minute I saw this moment of Kayleigh writing a letter to Rob.

Kayleigh, you're beautiful.. gorgeous... radiant.
First look.
The flowers were breathtaking.  Done by the fabulous Fawn Strickler of KC COUTURE

Husband and wife!

Kayleigh... all I can say is... wow.

Time for some fun at the stadium
A little soccer?  Don't mind if I do.
What a blast to hang out with this wedding party!
Rob and Kayleigh... you two shine like celebrities in the image below.

Rob and Kayleigh, words cannot express how truly honored I am to be your photographer, and friend.  Your day was amazing, and I was blown away by your character, your integrity, your reputations, and your love for each other.  As in Song of Songs 3:4, you both have truly "Found the one your heart loves"
To see more images, be sure to CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

James, Carrie, Jake, and Carleigh

I remember when I first met this family.  It was 2002, and my first year as a teaching assistant at the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired.  My class was the preschool 1 class for 2 and 3yr olds.  This is where I met Carleigh.  She had not yet turned 2yrs old, so her mom, Carrie, stayed in our class with Carleigh for the first several weeks.  So much of the unknown surrounded Carleigh at this time.  How well would she be able to see?  Will she ever talk?  Would she ever have her own independence?  Will she have friends?  Will she have a life?

Now, 8yrs later, we can answer those questions with a resounding YES!  She is such an amazing young girl, full of life, and love.  Her laughter is contagious, and her personality... magnetic.  She'll ask you a million questions, and give you a million reasons to love her, and to love life.  And let's not forget Carleigh's older brother, Jake.  What a stud!  He loves his sister  so much, and knows how to take care of her.  I mentioned Carleigh's contagious laughter earlier... I think Jake brings it out the best.  He's the best big brother Carleigh could have ever asked for!

This family will forever hold a special place in my heart, and it was so good to meet up with them last weekend, and catch up on life.  My favorite moment of the session was actually after I was done shooting.  Carrie and I sat on the front porch, chatting back and forth while Carleigh played with her neighborhood friends.  Carleigh uses a power chair, and drives it with such ease and independence.  It was so wonderful to see her take off down the sidewalk on her own and play with her friends!

What a beautiful family!
Told you he was a stud  :)

Before our session began, Carrie brought out some pictures I had taken of the kids a few years ago.  One of them was a picture of Carleigh kissing Jake.  Carleigh wanted to recreate that image.  As you can tell, Jake loved it  :)
I love these next images of Carrie and Carleigh... so precious!

And these images with her Dad... melt my heart!

And, of course, the perfect way to end any session  :)
James and Carrie, I know time gets away from us, but I hope we never lose touch!  Your family has touched my life in ways words cannot express.  Thank you for allowing me into your lives!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kansas City Engagement :: Jimmy & Jessie

I knew from the moment I walked into my meeting with Jessie and Jimmy, that this couple would hold a very special place in my heart.  Maybe it was the way they looked at each other... the little glances, the subtle touches on the arm.  Maybe it was the fact they both were redheads, and both were kissed with freckles... maybe it was the tears in Jessie's eyes as I shared my heart and passion.  In the end, I think that perhaps it was their story, as told from Jimmy's point of view:

"Have you ever heard the saying “if you love someone, set her free.  If she returns, then she was always yours”?  This holds especially true in my relationship with Jessie.  I first developed my crush on Jessie during my senior year of high school.  I was the star of the football team, and she was the team’s water girl.  I am an asthmatic, and Jessie was put in charge of holding my rescue inhaler; bringing it to me if I started feeling short of breath.  She would always be aware of where I was, so that she could come and save the day.  She did not realize that having to interact with the girl that takes my breath away didn’t make it easy to catch my breath.  I found out that she had a crush on me sometime in the spring semester.  We shared a dance at the prom and then didn’t leave each other’s side throughout the rest of the summer.  It was very exciting to fall in love with Jessie.  She is so kind and gentle, and knows exactly what to do to make me feel special.  I learned from her what it was to be completely in love.... " 

"... In August, I moved to Manhattan, to attend school at Kansas State University.  Jessie stayed at home in McLouth, to finish her last year of high school.  The distance, and difference in lifestyle proved too much for two 18 year old kids to handle.  We split up, and spent the next 5 years apart.  It gave us an opportunity to grow up, and discover who we are as adult individuals.  We kept in touch, however, throughout this time.  Jessie moved to Kansas City after her high school graduation.  She became a mother to a beautiful little girl, Caitlin, who is now 5.  I also moved to Kansas City after I graduated from K-State.  It took me a year and half of living in Kansas City before I got the courage, and appropriate timing to call Jessie and invite her to lunch, and we’ve been together ever since.  I am so happy to have her back.  We also have tremendous confidence in our relationship because we know what it’s like to have lost each other, and we never want to be apart again... "

"... Jessie and I share two passions: our strong Irish heritage, and an important network of friends and family.  Jessie and I are also both Irish red heads, which is something that all of our friends and family think is so cute… and I have to agree... we are cute…  Behind our wry Irish smiles, you cannot only see the closeness, and adoration that result from finding your soul mate, but also the excitement of two kids learning what it’s like to fall in love for the first time."

Jessie and Jimmy, words cannot express what an honor it is to have met you, and to also share in, and capture this very special time in your lives.  I cannot wait for 7-23-11!

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