Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sunshine in November

My last wedding of the year.

November began by threatening us with a few gloomy, pre-winter days, however, sunshine prevailed! We were blessed with a beautiful day! Christy, your dress was gorgeous and you were a beautiful bride! Don is very lucky to have you at his side, and Emma is blessed with you as a mother.

The day began as any typical wedding day does; with the bride running late. Everyone remained flexible and all went smoothly...except for the ringbearer taking flight down the aisle. Ellen, I could tell instantly that you have been an amazing friend to Christy and an important part of her life. I don't think I ever saw a moment where you didn't have a smile on your face. Randy, you kept things lively with your many comments...pictures were a blast to take with you around.

I loved the chapel at Powell Gardens. It is small, but provides a very intimate setting. It was breathtaking. The wedding celebrations continued on back at Don and Christy's home. The garage was transformed into a reception hall and rumor had it that Karaoke and cards were yet to come.

This was a fun wedding to shoot; a close-knit group whose love and friendship for each other couldn't help but be noticed.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Through the eyes of a child...

As adults, far too often we forget the joys and pleasures that once accompanied us as a child. All too soon we forget the feeling of laughing for no reason, or skipping through the room without a second thought. We have long since taken pleasure in the simple things and now find ourselves easily bored and tired of our grown up complex world. What happened to the days where nothing was impossible? When was the last time we let our imaginations run wild with new ideas? When was the last time you found an enchanted forest in your own backyard? Once upon a time has now become time we once had. Princesses have traded their gowns for pant suits; their horse drawn carriages for BMWs and Escalades. Princes have laid down their swords for laptops and bluetooth pieces.

I recently did a photo shoot for a good friend of mine and her nine month old son. It's so weird to think just how fast time flies. Sometimes it feels like yesterday that I was running through the creek bottoms behind my parents house and making mud pies, and now here I am, taking pictures of my friends babies. Time is irrelevant to children and worries are almost non existent. How is it that we forget this feeling of freedom so quickly? I love watching children play. It takes me back to a time where something new and exciting was waiting around every corner, and the smallest moments became the greatest adventure.

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