Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tiffany & Dan :: KC Reception

I don't know who has been more excited about this post, me... or the bride  :)

I've been waiting for this day for over a year.  Tiffany and Dan were the winners of my free wedding package giveaway at last years bridal show.  (You can find that story HERE.)  From the moment I met up with Tiffany, I knew it was going to be amazing!  If I were to write a list of everything I wanted in my "perfect bride and groom", I would only have to write three words down.... 
Tiffany and Dan

We've met up several times throughout the year to discuss plans, shoot an Engagement Session, and just to hang out.  It's been a blast getting to know them, and I know I've found a lifelong friend in Tiffany.  My heart is so full right now, and as I've been preparing this post, it's almost been ready to burst.  This wedding reception has been a culmination of over a year of planning, and it also happens to bring my 2010 wedding season to a close.   Being a part of this day, and being able to give of myself has been a true reminder and reflection of why I do what I do, and why I love it so much!

The reception was held at the ever fabulous Californos in Westport. 

Tiffany and Dan stayed in The Q Hotel and Spa which is also in Westport.

Dan's a lucky man... Tiffany is flawless.
Tiffany with her Mom, and sister.  Here she presented her sister, Jen, with a framed copy of the speech she had given at her wedding.  What a sweet moment!

Dan's not so bad himself  :)

Okay, Tiff.... looking This fabulous does nothing for my own self-esteem  :)
The lighting in the Q's rooms was amazing!
Love me some cowboy boots!  Yeehaw!
Party bus time!

It was so cold outside, so we decided to walk around throught The Link.

Okay you two... by yourselves you're fabulous... together, you're smoldering!

I want to give a big shout out to The Velvet Dog in the Martini Corner district!  They weren't even open yet, but allowed us to come in out of the cold for a few shots... they even gave a round of shots on the house!

One word.... HOT!  I love everything about this image below!  In fact, so does Tiffany.  I hope she doesn't mind but here is what she had to say about the image:
"I've looked at the "red couch" picture probably 200 times today (I sure hope FB doesn't alert you every time I look at a picture or that would be really embarrassing!). I really can't quit staring at it. And it's not because I love my dress or Dan's tie . . . you captured something that I've never seen before in over 6 years of "pictures" of Dan & I. Even though we obviously knew you were taking a picture, it's not fake, it's not posed. It's Dan & I. I love that one stinking picture more than most things in life. :)"
One of my favorite 1st dance images.
There were so many other fabulous images, but I thought my blog might explode if I tried to add them all, so I included them in a slideshow.  To view the slideshow from the evening CLICK HERE!

Tiffany... Thank you for stopping by my booth last year, and putting your name in the drawing.  Thank you for being so excited when you won, and for allowing me... trusting me with your wedding reception.  Thank you for being you.  You have been everything I have wanted in a bride, a client, and a friend.  To both you and Dan, I wish you all the joy and happiness that life can bring!  
I pray God blesses your life immensely!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Legacy Leavers :: Papa Robie

I watched as she stood next to the casket, tears welling up in her eyes... she desperately clutched the flag that had only moments before been presented to her.  Her feet, I'm sure, felt like blocks of cement... they refused to move.  How could he leave her after all these years?  How on earth could she leave him?

Theirs was a love of a lifetime.  She was his sweetie Edie, and he was her Robie.  A chance meeting had brought them together.  Love bonded their hearts... sealed their fates, and set the course for their destinies.  A lifetime unfolded before them.... new jobs... new cities... new friends, and children.  Throughout all the changes, the heartaches, the laughter, the joys, and tears... they were each other's unremitting foundation.  Their love was the one thing that remained faithful.  To know them, was to truly know a couple in love.

Robie left this life last Sunday.  He went peacefully in his sleep while his beloved slept beside him.  He left behind a legacy of love... a legacy of life lived to the fullest... a life filled with family and friends... a life that was truly filled.

Recently, I was able to capture a few images of Robie and Edie at their home in Salina.
He loved golf... next to Edie, it was his passion.

Robie was a great man, husband, father, grandfather, co-worker, and friend.  He was a man of honor... A man who lived a life worth remembering... a life worth honoring.

As I mourned with Robie's family this past week, I couldn't help but wonder what kind of legacy I would leave.  How am I living my life to honor those who have gone before me?  Would I leave a life that was lived to it's fullest?  Would there be regrets?  Chances not taken?  Opportunities missed?  I desperately hope not, but how many moments... how many days have I let slip by without a second thought?

We all hope to leave a life worthy of remembering, but how many of us live our days worthy of repeating?

Robie, you gave so much to those you love.  May we give back in honor of you, and the life you lived.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

At home with the Bambers!

This past Sunday, I was able to hang out with one of my favorite families!  We got together for some Christmas portraits and holiday fun.

This is a portrait they will leave for Santa, as proof they've been good this year  :)
They are really hamming it up for Santa now....
So precious!

Time to trim the tree.

After our "formal portraits", we headed to the kitchen to paint gingerbread men.

After our painting project, it was time for a reward for such good behavior.  Sugar cookies and butter cream icing!!!

I think there was more icing going into mouths than on the cookies  :)

Okay, can she get any cuter than this?!

I always enjoy catching up with the Bamber's, and this session was a lot of fun.  I managed to get out with minimal amounts of icing in my hair  :)
Merry Christmas!!

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