Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gonzalez Family

Last Saturday, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the Gonzalez family.  A good friend, and client of mine referred the family to me, and I'm so grateful she did!  Katie and her husband, Chris, have two darling boys... Andrew and Luke.

Luke is the youngest, and loves the camera.  The jury is still out on what Andrew thinks of me.  I'm sure he was wondering "Who is this crazy lady with a lens in my face!?"  :)
So precious!

Football time in the basement.

Brotherly love... too cute!

Katie and Chris, thank you so much for allowing me into your family for a day!  
It was truly a pleasure meeting and photographing you!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

au naturale

I hate disease.  It rips the body apart, and destroys life.  Cancer is among the worst.  The very mention of it's name strikes fear and despair.  In the past year, Paul and I have had numerous family members diagnosed with one or more types of this ugly disease.  It's made us frustrated, even furious.  We're at war with this vile illness, and sadly most are losing.

For those who know me, you know I'm stubborn, strong-willed... a fighter.  I don't like to give up and walk away.  I like to make things happen, and prepare for things before they happen.  I've secretly always wanted to be a boy scout... just ask my husband.... I have a first aid kit and car repair kit stored in my jeep, as well as mace and toilet paper, cause you just never know....

So, in light of the illness in our families, and with my knack of being prepared, Paul and I have begun researching on health and diet, and the powerful correlation between the two.  We're going Au Naturale so to speak.  Here's a little glimpse into our new venture...

Juicing is our favorite part... a great way to load up on tons of nutrients!

I now crave salads.... Never in my life did I imagine I would type that.

Here is a vegan version of a philly cheesteak using portobello mushrooms instead of meat.  You may grimace, but it's actually really good!

It's a little extra work, and a bit time consuming, but we feel great, and plan to keep on going. 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finding my Sweet Spot

I love photography.  There's no question about it... It consumes almost every waking moment.  But even the things you are most passionate about, can become the very thing that wears you down.  I found myself in such a situation.... in a place where I focused all my attention and energy on capturing and creating moments and memories for other people... I failed to take time out for myself.  I failed to create my own memories.  I failed to take care of my passion.  I needed to fall in love again.... fall in love with photography.... fall in love with life.  So... over the 4th of July, I quit my job... just for a few days.  No deadlines, no album designs or lightroom editing.  No phone calls or email, or blog stalking.

Paul and I headed north for our annual trip to Minnesota... and to a breath of fresh air in our lives.  We spent 5 relaxing days in a tent, in a hammock, by the lake, by the campfire, canoeing the St. Croix river, and kayaking on Clear Lake.  It was bliss.

Now that we've returned, I have some catching up to do, but here are a couple of images from the trip. 
 I will share more soon!

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